Our Mission

We will provide a fresh, honest and fun approach to what otherwise is a very boring, uninspiring and sometimes offensive industry topic – BUYING INSURANCE! To be completely candid, nobody really likes the thought of paying for something they hope will never be needed, used, or even thought about. At Southern Quality Insurance Group, we are committed to always keeping things FRESH and interesting for our clients with a clear understanding of the evolving trends, rules and laws surrounding insurance coverage. In addition, we will always provide an HONEST approach to our client’s business and family needs – no more, or less than required. Finally, we will provide a FUN environment for our team and their families to ensure that coming to work every day to serve our clients, really is no work at all… It’s simply Southern Quality!




  • Who We Are

    Southern Quality Insurance Group is an independent insurance broker that offers a fresh, honest and fun approach to understanding and purchasing business and personal insurance. As an independent broker, we are privileged to have relationships and representation with multiple insurance carriers. This arrangement provides us the flexibility necessary to place our clients in the right position for their insurance needs, at the right price. You see, we don’t work for the insurance carriers, we work for YOU, our client and soon to be member of our family. Our company is built on one primary principle… Family First. Imagine this… you have a trusted insurance advisor that has the capacity, knowledge and expertise of making sure that you are covered for all of your potential risk. That same advisor is supported by a team of specialists who are constantly reviewing and analyzing the market to ensure you continue to have that same coverage forever, but at the lowest possible cost – year after year regardless of carrier. That’s the value we promise to deliver today and for all the years to come… It’s simply Southern Quality!




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  • Why We're Different?

    Well...We have worn your boots, tied your tie, driven your car, sat at your desk, and served on your board. It’s this experience that puts us in the best position to understand and protect your business. We have also bought your house, raised your kids, bought them cars, paid for their speeding tickets, sent them to college, and paid for their weddings (well not yet to be perfectly honest!). It’s this experience that puts us in the best position to understand and protect your family and personal interests. Bottom line is we are just normal business men and women with clients, employees and families to care for – just like you. It is on this foundation that our firm was defined, and we will stop nothing short of doing the same for you… It’s simply Southern Quality!

About Us:

We are a Texas-Proud independent insurance broker with headquarters in Katy, Texas.

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